October 28, 2020

Daily Reps

Hi. This is me, every morning, between roughly 6:52 and 7:45, before I’ve had a large, brightly colored tumbler of homemade iced coffee. My bed is ridiculously comfortable, and my duvet set is heavenly. But I gotta get up, and do my reps. And by reps, I mean put some daily creativity into the universe.

Every. Damn. Day. *trudges to workdesk*

I’m deliberately describing being creative as a struggle for two very specific reasons; 1, sometimes it is really hard. The synapses don’t want to fire quickly, and it takes a while for connections to be made between an idea and its execution. That can be frustrating. 2. If it wasn’t a struggle, you wouldn’t bother shooting for it.


See, it’s the struggle of creativity that makes the execution magical. Creativity is just like a muscle (yes I am using this cliched analogy but differently this time I swear). You have to work it for it to get better blah blah sometimes it hurts blah blah no. I’m talking about the PUMP you get after a workout, where everything is a little bigger and you’re feeling yourself and you’re compelled to take a selfie.

Creativity is more like that; when you push through the idea, and you land it, and you have this beautiful thing, you get the “yeah! I f#*@in' made that!” that makes you want to share it with the world. And sometimes, objectively it’s crap, but you get to make something again tomorrow that makes you feel that rush again and it will be less crap. Everyday you become incrementally less crappy. Because you got up and pushed. If it was easy, it wouldn’t have been worth your time, because you’d never get a pump and it wouldn’t feel like anything special.

So get up and pick a creative exercise, something that you’ve been wanting to learn or explore. For me, I’m trying to improve my skills in motion graphics, so every morning before work, or every night right before bed, I try to knock out a simple animated idea within an hour using After Effects and post online. Some of them are dumb and I nitpick where I can improve after the fact. Some of them resonate with a lot of people and I get great feedback. But the key is that I try my best to do something every day, to the point where it now feels weird to not do it. My daily reps are now part of my routine.

So drop down, grab your sketchbook or your tablet or whatever medium you want, and I want to see what you’ve got. And regardless of your skill level, whatever it is will be great because you got it done.

Now go get it done.

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