December 28, 2020

Dear Charities - Help Us Help You!

At SkuSpring we decided from day one that supporting charitable causes should simply be part of our ethos.  Like other tech startups, we set aside 1% of our revenue to directly fund registered charities that are near and dear to us.  Our funding contribution capabilities today are modest as we work towards pulling in big revenues, but there is also another way that we can help right away!

In addition to 1% of our revenue, we have set aside free ad space for charitable causes. There are two reasons for why we did this: we can be more direct in our assistance and this gives us some brilliantly creative and timely ads to include in our sequencing.  

Now, having called and written to a good number of charities, and having some early success, I've learned something rather interesting: it turns out that giving away non-tangible goods, like ad space, to charities is not as easy as I thought.  The reasons are not surprising in hindsight and are centred around opportunity cost and risk.  

Charities, especially the small ones, are likely stretched thin, so no matter how compelling or intriguing our offer, it typically competes with someone else's primary objective of delivering on the charity mandate or raising funds to support the former.  Even though it only takes 30 to 60 minutes, the opportunity cost for someone to speak with us, understand the benefits and get advertising assets is real and cannot be understated.

Regarding risk: any outward-facing PR for a charity has an element of risk to it, be it regarding reputation or reach.   As we are still in the nascent phase of our start-up, we're still building up the brand recognition and case studies to prove that the risk is indeed as minuscule as we know it to be. 

To help us get past these two challenges, our ask is that if you know of a great registered and recognized charity that could use some advertising here in the UK (and soon in Canada, US and New Zealand) please get in touch via email ( We look forward to hearing from you!

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