Ready to get paid for your foot traffic?

SkuSpring was founded in response to a basic business question: how do we monetise data available to non-traditional and local retailers? Local retailers, such as yourself, have daily shopper traffic, creating sales transaction information with each purchase.

SkuSpring is here to help establish the value in this information.

Larger retailers, such as grocery chains and box stores, harness this data by selling it back to national brands. Local retailers may collect this data, but now you can make money from it, despite the difference in transaction volume compared to a larger chain retailer.

Unlock the value of your shopping data.

SkuSpring is a network to connect local retailers. This collective, once established, allows for innovative opportunities to create revenue in ways that no single location or retailer could. SkuSpring helps bring this network and these opportunities to life for local retailers, for brands and for our Territory Development Managers who help establish and maintain the network.

From a national brand perspective, companies are aware that local retail transactions are taking place, but they have no efficient method of accessing this information. In an ideal world, brands would be able to purchase this sales data in a convenient and accessible way to use in their marketing efforts; enter SkuSpring!

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